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Storage for surveillance applications should be reliable, scalable and fully optimized for the unique workloads of video and other physical security needs.
We designed and built the Intransa EnterpriseStorage to do this, proven in deployments around the world in thousands of customer installations and integrated with Intransa EnterpriseServer systems.
Intransa EnterpriseStorage is RAID protected to eliminate the risk of lost video

data, and features hot-swapable disk drives and power supplies for continuous operation.
Intransa EnterpriseStorage products are all about three words… Flexible, Powerful, and Reliable. It’s built for one specific thing: to be the best possible, most reliable storage platforms for video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other physical security applications.

ST350 EnterpriseStorage™ and EX900 Expander

The ST350 EnterpriseStorage is perfect for large scale physical security project needs. Fault resistant configuration, RAID protected storage capacity, hot-swap disk drives and dual power supplies. Add additional capacity with up to 3 EX900 12 drive Storage Expanders. Ready for integration with Intransa EnterpriseServer for a complete video optimized server-storage infrastructure system.

ST445 EnterpriseStorage™ and EX945 Expander

The ST445 is based on Intransa high performance video streaming chip technology, for significantly higher performance. Each ST445 can service hundreds of megapixel cameras, with a storage capacity of up to 2 Petabytes per iSCSI controller.  The 16 – 60 bay EX900 – Series expansion comes with a dual controller option which enables a fully redundant mode.