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Product Data Sheets

VA422 VideoAppliance
VA424 VideoAppliance
VA425 VideoAppliance
VA426 VideoAppliance
VA622 VideoAppliance
VA624 VideoAppliance
VA625 VideoAppliance
VA626 VideoAppliance
VA722 VideoAppliance
VA724 VideoAppliance
VA725 VideoAppliance
VA726 VideoAppliance
VA822 VideoAppliance
VA824 VideoAppliance
VA825 VideoAppliance
VA826 VideoAppliance
VA922 VideoAppliance
VA924 VideoAppliance
VA925 VideoAppliance
VA926 VideoAppliance
AS445 AnalyticServer
ServerBlade series
SB424 ServerBlade
SB426 ServerBlade
SE222 EnterpriseServer
SE224 EnterpriseServer
SE225 EnterpriseServer
SE226 EnterpriseServer
SE422 EnterpriseServer
SE424 EnterpriseServer
SE425 EnterpriseServer
SE426 EnterpriseServer
SE476 EnterpriseServer
ST350 EnterpriseStorage
ST350 EnterpriseStorage with Expander
ST445 and EX900 series
VS337 ViewingStation
SurveillanceAppliance NVR series
VAT210 Mini Tower
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Customer Case Studies

Hyatt Regency Dubai upgrades security infrastructure with Intransa IP video surveillance system
Airport Security Upgrades with IP Cameras & Advanced Video Management Solution for Increased Video Quality & Recording Capacity
Top Biopharmaceutical Developer Enhances Security Infrastructure to Keep Up with Rapid Growth
Community College District Scales Up Campus Security & Protection
Enjoy Casinos & Resorts Takes the Gamble of Out of Video Surveillance Storage By Deploying Intransa for Complete Digital CCTV System
Municipal Utility Rolls Out Increased Infrastructure Protection
Las Vegas Luxury Hotel Casino Bets on Intransa for Extended Video Archive Solution and Wins
Native American Casino Takes Gamble Out of Video Surveillance
Sotheby’s Upgrades Surveillance With Intransa
State Prison Upgrades Surveillance for Protection of Inmates, Staff and Facilities

Solution Whitepaper Archive

Intransa High Availability Infrastructure Platform Solutions
The Curious Case of Video Surveillance
The Myths of Storage Capacity in Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance Optimization (VSOP) Technology
High Availability Concepts for Video Surveillance
How to Future-Proof Your Security Video System
12 Reasons for Shared External IP Video Storage
Technical Issues & Comparisons for IP SAN vs NAS Storage for Video Applications
How Physical Security Can Transition to IT
How IT Can Support Security “Going IT”
IP Storage for Video Surveillance
What is IP SAN?
Installing AMAG Access Control Software
Installing Lenel Access Control Software
Installing Genetec Video Management Software
Installing Milestone Video Management Software
Installing OnSSI Video Management Software
Installing Pelco Video Management Software
IP Video Surveillance Storage – A Milestone White Paper
A Scalability Study with OnSSI NetDVMS and Intransa
Genetec Omnicast and Intransa Solution
High Definition Surveillance & Video Retention Performance – An Integrated Avigilon/Intransa Solution