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ServerBlade Series

The Intransa ServerBlade series offers high bandwidth connectivity to meet the most demanding of camera applications and the most challenging physical security environments. Each module can integrate with VMS (Video Management Software), recording, failover, database management, archive and access control servers in a high-density system. This significantly reduces the cost of separate VMS servers, requires far less cabling and has less complexity. This also greatly

lowers the total cost of ownership.
The Intransa family of products deliver the best possible platform for easy to deploy video surveillance. The ServerBlade series is designed for optimal use with other Intransa products for a complete physical security solution that fits your business needs.

SB322/ SB622/ SB722
Server Blades

The ServerBlade series is a modular server system which comes in a 1U 3 node, 2U 6 node and a market-leading 3U 12 node configuration in a single rack mount platform. The Intransa ServerBlade series packs 6 servers in 2U or 12 servers in 3U saving space and reducing cost.

SB424/ SB426
Server Blades

The Intransa Technology Labs test and certify cameras, VMS systems, NVRs and other applications for use with Intransa VideoAppliance for physical security’s real-world demanding requirements. This allows for risk-free integration, without the complications of products that are not designed for the demands of physical security.